About the Kids Club

DuTrac Community Credit Union staff developed the Savasaurus Kids Club Program after two years of research and development. The Kids Club has been in successful operation for almost 16 years. DuTrac’s Savasaurus Kids Club currently serves more than 4,000 DuTrac members ages 12 and under. Many more have graduated from the Kids Club and are now included as teen and young adult members.

In addition to DuTrac Community Credit Union members, 19 other credit unions across the nation subscribe to the Savasaurus Kids Club.

The Savasaurus Kids Club is a marketing tool designed to attract, retain and educate younger members through programs and services to the subscribing credit union. There are three primary objectives to the Savasaurus Kids Club:

  • Educating younger members on the value of saving and developing the concept of “people helping people.”
  • Promote and develop products, services and programs which address the full spectrum of children ages 12 and under.
  • Build relationships with younger credit union members, and their parents, which will promote and perpetuate credit union retention and loyalty.

The Kids Club’s success lies in its ease of implementation and its ability to be customizable. The Savasaurus Kids Club is easy for credit union staff to understand and to explain to its younger members – and their parents, grandparents and other family members. Ultimately, subscribers to the Kids Club can offer almost anything from a financial literacy/education standpoint with the Savasaurus Club Program, while maintaining brand consistency. The Kids Club provides the structure, vehicles and support to help your subscribing credit union attract, educate and be successful with its own youth education and training program.